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Welcome to Audio Visual Services! We offer a variety of high-end professional services at affordable prices for your next event, large or small. We specialize in meetings, conferences and more ALL OVER THE NATION! Below are details of the most common services that we provide. 

Audio Production

Audio services are an essential aspect to any event. We provide quality audio services in whatever format you need, whether that be podium microphones, wireless handhelds, or even lavalier microphones.

We only use high quality audio systems designed for your exact needs. Whether that be for a small simple indoor setup, a large conference, an outdoor event, or a event with multiple breakout rooms, we will custom design the package to fit your exact needs.

Video Production

Some events are large enough to require a live video feed projected for the audience to get a closer look. Others desire a video recording of their event or a livestream for their social media page- whatever the video needs, we can supply everything neccessary to make sure you're satisfied. 

Projection / Visual 

Projection and visual setups can be just as essential as audio services in any presentation. We offer a variety of screen sizes, projection qualities, and will setup the production to fit your computer needs. 

Present with confidence knowing your audience will have a beautiful clear view of what you want them to see at all times with no interurtiopns or poor quality viewing. 

Wireless Internet Solutions

Internet can be a crucial essential in any event or presentation. Whether you're trying to connect to pull up a video, file, website, or simply want to give your attendees the ability to connect during the event, we can provide and supply wireless interent. Hotel or venue internet can be immensley expensive, and we supply this at a fraction of that cost. 


If you're looking to have your event feature professional audio recording, our quality recording equipment will capture every moment with clarity.

Your event will be digitally recorded and stored for distribution however you desire, whether that be online as a podcast, available for purchase on itunes, or simply hard copied for historical purposes. 

Event Consulting

Taking your event to different locations each year can be stressful and problematic. We act as a direct liaison on your behalf, and work out the logistics so you don’t have to! Reinventing the wheel each year is a waste of valuable time, and by partnering with us on a yearly basis we can manage these moving parts for you, dramatically reducing your workload. We can provide an event wide level of satisfaction, in every city your event goes to.


We create custom packages specifically designed for each event. Contact us with your production needs and we will build the package for you and break it all down! 

Interested in hiring us for one of your events? Let's Talk.​
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